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Tigray Youth Association is nongovernmental and non-profit making Association that established without religious and sex discrimination depending on the civil law of Ethiopia.

Before its establishment regionally, it had performed its activities in tabias and weredas levels that in the areas liberated from Derg. From its beginning in 1982 during the civil war was to simplify and solve problems of the youth. The early organized form of the Association in tabias and weredas level became the base to establish in the regional level. TYA was regionally established in 1991 ‘Pagumen’ (the 1st week of September 1991). The season was in the change of government system from dictatorship and undemocratic to democratic system (Derg regime to EPRDF).

 After its establishment in regional level, the 1st congress was held in Mekelle city. At that time, one chair, one table, and 800 type writing papers were the only properties of the Association that gained as a form of donation. Even the elected of the then leaders had no salary or any other income to facilitate the activities of the Association.

TYA was established by the interest and commitment of its youth members. Currently, having more than 400 thousand youth members, the Association is accelerating huge amount of development in our region and our country as well by investing energy, finance, and knowledge of its members. Activities of the Association give special attention on the youth who are living in rural and urban areas.

From its onset TYA was and is working intentionally in the following field of works:

·         Minimizing/eliminating unemployment of the youth in rural and urban centers;

·         In prevention of diseases; specially, in preventing and protecting the epidemic of HIV/AIDS;

·         Promoting good governance and respecting of human and democratic rights;

·         Environmental protection 

What do we do?

· Increasing the number of members & supporters of the association

· Promoting good governance & democratization.

· Deepening the awareness of the youth on their rights & responsibilities.

· Employment creation activities for the youth/reducing unemployment.

· Developing IGA projects for the member youth.

· Environmental rehabilitation/protection (through soil & water conservation)

· Creating & diversifying sustainable IGA schemes for the association.

· Achieving quality of education.

· Awareness creation & thereby mitigate the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

· Diversifying potential & permanent partners.

· Establishment of multipurpose youth recreational center.



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