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From its onset, the goal of Tigray Youth Association is to enable the young people to play their roles in building democracy, protection of human and democratic rights, alleviating the socio-economic and psychological problems, and promoting good governance among the youths themselves in particular and all the Tigray people in general. Then after, making the youth beneficiaries from all the changes they bring.


However, because of a number of problems the goals and objectives of the association were and are not accomplished as the intention and interest of the association.


Five years ago the association had many challenges but because of working closely with its members and other volunteers in general and its own effort in particular some were got deserved solution. For example, before two years TYA had no its own bureau. It was in rent for 18 years. This was big problem and headache of the association but at this time it was overcome because it has its own bureau.


Further more, lack of human power was the other challenge that hindered to perform the activities on their time of need. Although it is not completely eliminated the problem, it is increasing its human power and qualities of the workers. Even though the association works day and night to tackle the problems of different deficiencies, still the following are the main challenges that they did not get solution yet.


-          Because of limited sources of income, activities are not performed at the time of need

-         Shortage of diversified potential partners in contrast with the activities that are performed by the association

-         Loan and repayment problems: youths are coming to the working culture. They are working being in groups and individual in farm as well as micro and small industries to eradicate poverty. However, the loan they get is very small.

-         Limitation of projects in relation to mitigation of unemployment

-         Lack of capacity and material to support clubs of anti HIV/AIDS that have been established under the association

Limitation of youth recreational centers: Youth are very sensitive in recreation but their sense and interest is blocked by these limitations.

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