Economic Empowerment of Tigray Youth Association members of Western Zone in the Year

of 2010/11

Major Economic Activities

Basically, it is possible to group the major economic activities in to two fundamental parts that is agricultural and industrial economic activities (micro and small enterprises). In accordance with economic empowerment of the youth, activities are grouped into five sub categories.

  1. Traditional and modern irrigation activities

Currently, Tigrian people in general and the youth in particular are getting rid of expectation and dependency on summer rainfall. Beyond that they are performing different mechanisms which can generate water during autumn and winter season for the purpose of irrigation. This is cultivated through different means of water pipes and other ways of traditional and modern irrigation activities such as check dams, dripping, different water generating motor pipes, and diversion. In this specific category 5.051 youth are benefited.

  1. Livestock

In most areas of Tigray, so far livestock had been taken as back warded economic practice. It was seen that it belongs to illiterate farmers who live in the low land areas. However, the current perception of the people is not as it was before. Frankly speaking, at this time livestock does not belong to the illiterate farmers because currently it incorporates from the elementary up to university graduates. The result of the inclusion of more literate youngsters in this economic activity has brought gradual progress and gradual shift from traditional farming to the modern one. This type of farming activity has accommodated 1,516 youth of the Zone. Specifically, the following are the main activities that the youth have engaged and are performing well. For example:

· In dairy farming: 30

· In fattening( cattle) 891

· In shoat fattening(goat and sheep) 400

· In poultry 75

· In apiculture(bee keeping) 120

  1. Natural resource Based Economic Activities

As it is known there is scarcity of farmland in Tigray As a result youth faced to have enough farmland and housing. In order to minimize the problem and rehabilitate hills and valleys areas, the government put a direction of scrambling/dividing developed and under developing areas to the youth. Consequently, the following youth have participated in the area.

· In division/scrambling of rehabilitated hills and valleys 1,578

· In housing ( gaining residence area) 3,216

· In gaining/granting farmland area 3,775

Totally in this category 8,569 youths are benefited.

  1. Mining

Until the recent years this type of mining had been taken as valueless practice; but now, the backward image is almost changed and a number of youth have benefited. The following are some from the beneficiaries.

· In mining and selling of stone 327

· In mining and selling of sand 186

· In gold mining and selling 230

From this economic activity totally 743 youth are benefited

  1. Micro and Small Enterprises

Generally speaking, micro and small enterprises economic activities are very huge and complex economic front. They include several other sub economic practices. Most of the activities performed need profession and experience. Having observed this complexity, Bureau of Tigray regional state Technical and Vocational Education and Training/TVET/ has been supported by giving long and short term trainings to the youth. This section incorporates various types of activities such as manufacturing, construction and different service delivering activities. The following are some of the main ones and youth participation on them.

  • In metal work 247
  • In construction 260
  • In different types of groceries 1,258
  • In cafeteria and restaurants 125
  • In manufacturing bloket 125
  • In activities being as broker 808

Total of 2,823 youth are benefited in this category.


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