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Developmental Partners of TYA 

TYA has many developmental partners that help to the success of its objectives. 

Developmental partners

Types of projects

Operational areas

Pathfinder international


Reproductive health, Orphan school support and IGA for orphan youths

T/maichew,T/koraro and Mekelle University




HIV/AIDS based community conversation, Educational support and IGA for orphan youths

Raya –Azebo, Mekelle, Rural& urban Alamata, Endamekoni and Hintalo -wajerat

Action Aid Ethiopia

Democracy and Human Right

Rural & urban Alamata,Raya-Azebo, Maichew, Seharti-Samre, Degu’a-Tembien and Enderta

Ethiopia Road Authority/ERA/

Prevention of HIV/AIDS and STI

Adigrat, G/ Afeshum, Rural & urban Adwa and Ahferom

UNICEF through Tigray HAPCO    

Youth dialogue based HIV/AIDS Prevention and related affairs

In14 Tigray weredas

Global Fund through Tigray HAPCO    

Prevention of HIV/AIDS and STI

In TYA head office and 100 tabias

Tigray HAPCO

Community conversation based prevention of HIV/AIDS and other affairs

Tembean, Axum & Mekelle (Phased out)

Gtz through REST


Raya-Azebo, T/maichew, Medebay zana (phased out)


USAID through REST

Lather gathering

All over Tigray

Youth and Sport Affairs Bureau

Capacity building

All over Tigray


HIV/AIDS prevention

Adigrat (Phased out)

World Bank through HAPCO

Protection of human right and HIV/AIDS

East & Central Zones

Action AID

Promote human rights and democratization

In 5 weredas of southern zone (Phased out)

European UNION

Capacity building of CSO’s

Saesie staeda Emba, Enderta and Alamata


Prevent, care and support MARPs

In 9 Towns of Tigray


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